On which platforms does WorldOndemand work?
A. It works on multiple device like TV using STB, PC and iPhone/iPad. But you can watch only one place at a time.
What is the minimum internet speed needed?
A. 3.0 Mbps reliable Internet speed is required to have our services with out buffering. If you live in Japan, usually every body has higher than 20 Mbps speed within Fiber Optic Line (Hikari).People from other parts of the world need to purchase set top box for better viewing and report us about your Internet Environment.
Paypal, Are they safe?
Yes, they are safe because we are using Paypal system. .
Set top box?
A. Set top box is a device which will help you to view our services on your television.
Will my old set top box from different provider work?
A. Yes, WorldOndemand services work on most of the IPTV set top boxes. Please contact WorldOndemand staff with the set top box details which you have.
Is HD available?
A. We have started launching new HD set top box so kindly call our Sales Dept to place your order.
My set top box froze?
A. Please check your internet speed if it is at least 4Mbps. Make sure that you switch off your set top box before switching off your television. Some times there might be an interruption in the internet line, so please unplug internet LAN cable and power cable to restart the set top box.
Set top box remote?
A. Please check your batteries. Press the "STB" button on the top of the remote for it to work effectively.
Can I put my company Ad on your website or on your set top box interface?
A. Yes, for a nominal fee you can reach the audience you are looking for. Right now we have Indians, Pakistanis, Australians and Germans subscribing our channels.
I am having film, video or content rights and would like to use WorldOndemand platform to showcase my content.
A. Yes, we will put your content on our platform. We can also shoot the content for very low cost. We have a well experienced technical staff to shoot corporate films, advertisements. Please contact us.
We would like to start our own channel; can WorldOndemand provide us the platform?
A. Yes, WorldOndemand will help in making your own tv channel, where customers can view online [computer] and also on television. We also provide satellite up linking. Contact us further details.
We are an IPTV company and would like to know if you could help us in set up.
A. Yes, WorldOndemand provides all the services required for a new IPTV service provider to start services.
WI want to be your Agent or Distributor.
A. Yes, you are welcomed. Please contact us with your details sales@newitventure.com

Media for All

WORLD ON DEMAND is a Internet TV Platform that Provide Live-Streams & On-Demand Content for Global Expats. Contnet Lineup Consist of Paid Licensed Contents as well as Internet Available Free Contents Aggregated in Android IP Set-top-box. Managed Youtube & KODI are additional Social & User Generated Contents coming together with the IP Set-top-box. Main focus market is South Asian Community Expats Residing anywhere in the world with the access of Reliable Internet Connection. (Paid Premium Package are available only for Japan and South Korea)